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Kaiman ALC Container Range

The Kaiman plastic crate range is one of the most secure ranges of attached lid containers on the market. The Kaiman range offers several tamper evident properties when the crates are closed and sealed. This is ideal if you are storing and transporting valuable and desirable contents.

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Kaiman attached lid containers were developed with security (from content theft) in mind and are therefore popular in markets that require that additional piece of mind, such as pharmaceuticals, electronics, jewellery and other markets that store and transport valuable and desirable goods.

These plastic crates offer tamper evident properties which makes the Kaiman range one of the most secure plastic crates on the market. The interlocking teeth on the lids prevent the lids being prised open when closed and sealed (we supply the tamper evident seals too!). Better still the Kaiman plastic crates also have covered lid hinges at both ends of the hinge pins. The closed ends stop the hinge pin from being removed by thieves if the lid is sealed.

If security of your contents is not on your priority list then we have some great alternatives in our range that are lower in price - please speak to us or continue to browse our Attached Lid Container section. Remember, we are just a phone call away for some expert help and advice! 01628 829800.