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Folding Boxes - Walther Boxline Range

Foldable collapsible boxes from the Walther Boxline Range. Renowned innovation, sustainability and quality in the folding box market these heavy duty folding boxes offer a long lasting, reusable solution for your businesses operations and logistics.

Volume reduction by folding up to 80% - without loss of capacity thanks to vertical inner walls. Large range of folding box sizes available.

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Collapsible, folding plastic boxes by Walther Boxline. The Boxline Range is known for being innovative, reusable, sustainable and used commonly within industries and businesses as part of their operations and logistics.

Boxline foldable boxes are heavy duty and without loss of capacity save up to 80% space (volume reduction) when folded and not in use, better still they are of standard Euro dimensions meaning they offer optimal utilisation of space when transported and stored.

Boxline collapsible boxes are also easy to carry and are designed with practicality in mind, offering a long product life and built to last. Their clever design allows for simple and fast folding and handling, therefore not only saving space but also time.

In 1978 Walther Faltsysteme (based in Germany) folded the first reusable containers making them renowned as the experts in the plastic box market.

Folding boxes are available in a range of popular sizes, colours, with lids, drop fronts (for easy access) and also with electro conductive plastic material. View the range and contact us for information.