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Picking Containers / Linbins


Picking Containers / Linbins

Plastor stocks linbins and picking containers in a range of sizes and configurations, including XL picking bins, linbins, linbin kits, large picking bins and more.

We also stock small parts drawers, shelf trays, tilt bins and other storage mediums ideal for small items.

Our plastic picking containers and linbins are used across industry, from factories to workshops, warehouses to distributors. They are also found in homes, garages, workshops and anywhere that needs to efficiently store multiple small items.

Whatever the size of your operation, there’s a picking container to match. From larger linbins to container pick walls, large pickling bins to Euro picking containers, Plastor has the storage solution to meet every need.

Most plastic picking containers are available in a selection of colours to help stock control or picking. They can also be used to just brighten up your workspace!

Plastic picking containers can be safely stacked, integrated into shelving units or used as freestanding linbins.

Each is lightweight and constructed of new or recycled polypropylene.

The construction ensures the linbins are light, but robust. Each has been specifically designed to offer safe storage, be rigid enough to be stacked or transported safely.

They are manufactured to standard sizes so they can fit seamlessly into existing shelving, racking or use standard picking trolleys and dollies.

All containers represent excellent value for money and have been designed and manufactured to the highest standards.

Whatever use you put them to, these picking containers will provide many years of faultless service!

Order your linbins from Plastor today for competitive prices and fast delivery to your door!