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Trucks, Trolleys & Dollies

Move and transport your goods with safety and ease with our huge range of heavy duty, quality trucks, carts, trolleys, skates and dollies. Looking for container trucks to be used for food preparation and storage? Take a look at our range of Mobile Container Trucks & Bottle Skips.


Within the workplace, such as the warehouse, store or factory, there is no more efficient way to safely move and transport heavy, multiple/bulk and large goods than with the use of trucks, trolleys, carts, skates and dollies. Here at Plastor we offer a huge range of quality, heavy duty wheeled trucks and trolleys purposely designed for specific and generic materials handling applications in order for your workplace operations to run smoothly.

Our large range of trucks, trolleys and dollies include:

Container Dollies: Ideal for the storing, moving and transporting of multiple and heavy containers from one location to another. A large range of sizes for all types of plastic containers and crates, including Euro 600x400mm, 800x600mm and food grade dollies for food safe environments.

Tray Racks: Trays racks are purposely built for the storing and moving of plastic container trays which require easy and regular access. Most of our tray racks are mobile (wheeled) making them ideal for many applications, especially for manufacturers, engineers and the food industry.

Table Trolleys: Table trolleys and table trucks are large decked, heavy duty table-top trolleys with levels/layers for efficient mobile (wheeled) worked spaces. Some of our table trolleys even include drawers and cupboards.

Flatbed Trolleys: Flatbed trolleys tend to be single decked, heavy duty trolleys for the purpose of transporting multiple, heavy and large goods. Plastor offers a large range of flatbed trolleys suitable for all sorts of applications. Some of Plastor's flatbed trolleys have the option of sides for securing goods which may move about or for when goods cannot be stacked securely without support.

Utility and Shelf Trolleys: Utility and Shelf Trolleys are wheeled, multi-level/shelf units which are ideal for transporting smaller and multiple items from location-to-location. These trolleys can be particularly helpful for mobile workspaces and picking applications.

Sack Trucks: Sack trucks, also known as barrow trucks and hand trucks, are your typical single person easy-to-use truck for the transportation of heavy goods, regularly used by the delivery, logistics, moves and white goods industry. Check out our large range of sack trucks for multiple purposes and strengths (our range is continually growing, please contact us if you can't find what you need).

Pallet Trucks: Pallet Trucks are simply forked, hand-pumped (electronic are available) trucks for the transportation of pallets and containers with fork entry channels within their footings. Plastor offers a large range of pallet (pump) trucks for different types of pallets and environments.

Filming Carts: Film, Movie, TV and Broadcasting Carts are modified trucks, most of which are customisable/adaptable, for the use within the filming industry. We offer a large range of popular Magliner Carts with many customisable options which are extremely popular with DITs (Digital Image Technicians) and Camera Operators. Many options include camera, keyboard, laptop, screen, iPad mounts, C-Stand Carts, Carpeted Shelves, rough terrain wheels and even cup holders for your carts.

Can't find what you're looking for? Contact us as we offer so many types of trucks for all purposes and we can even customise and alter a few of our trucks to suit your needs!