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Mobile Container Trucks & Bottle Skips

This range of container trucks, ingredient dispensers, tanks and bar trucks are large plastic containers with wheels for moving heavy items and storing liquids. Often used in food preparation, kitchens, restaurants, bars and pubs.


Mobile Plastic Container Trucks are large plastic containers with wheels. Being portable the plastic containers are easy to move when containing heavy items and storing liquids.

Mobile ingredient dispensers are trucks commonly used to move contents around food preparation areas and kitchens. After use, they can be effortlessly wheeled to the washing area for cleaning.

Bar trucks and bottle skips are commonly used in bars, pubs, restaurants and hotels for the clearing of empty and used glass bottles. Bar trucks (bottle skips) are also made from food grade plastic and suitable for many other commercial and industrial applications. We also offer a large range of recycled plastic mobile containers which are lower in cost and not food grade but still ideal for many of the general applications that do not require food grade standards. Bar trucks can also nest inside each other when empty to save storage space.

Chassis with removable food grade tanks are available and offer more strength especially when filled with liquids.