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Bottle Skips & Mobile Container Trucks


Plastic bins on wheels

Plastic bins on wheels, bar trucks, bottle skips, mobile container trucks, mobile bins, call them what you will. These plastic containers on wheels are used everywhere, for every conceivable purpose.

Wheels help manoeuvre the load and carry the weight, leaving you to direct travel and manage momentum.

They make it easy to move heavy, numerous, bulky or awkward items around the workplace quickly and easily.

You’ll frequently find mobile container trucks in pubs, bars, supermarkets, shops, hotels, leisure facilities, food manufacturers, breweries, farms and anywhere awkward loads need to be stored or moved around.

Plastor stocks a range of mobile container trucks, including:

Each is designed for a particular purpose but is flexible enough to be used for a multitude of other uses.

Black recycled plastic container trucks are useful around almost any workplace. They are manufactured from high-quality recycled plastic that can be further recycled when they reach end of life.

Coloured mobile container trucks come in a range of shapes, sizes and colours and are a mix of food grade and non-food grade to cover most requirements.

Wheeled plastic containers with handles are ideal for heavy or bulky loads. The addition of a handle means it’s much easier to navigate around the workplace safely.

Mobile ingredient dispensers are small plastic bins often used in food manufacture, in workshops and other places that use small components or ingredients.

Tanks and chassis mobiles are designed to provide the strength and stability to support heavy or liquid loads.

Bottle skips and bar trucks from Plastor are manufactured from high-quality, durable plastic designed to deliver a long operating life. Casters are made from robust rubber, poly and steel wheels designed to roll smoothly with minimal maintenance.

A lot of time has been spent designing the caster wheels to ensure they run smoothly with minimal chances of going astray when moving heavy loads.

All so staff can move around the workplace quickly, conveniently and safely.

Plastor stocks a range of food grade mobile bins ideal for catering, food manufacture or use in clean workplaces. We also stock recycled plastic mobile container trucks that can be used anywhere else.

Recycled mobile bins are manufactured to be as strong, dependable and as tough as new plastic, with the added benefit of being sustainable.

All mobile container trucks from Plastor can be recycled after use, to reduce waste even further.

You’ll find our food grade container trucks carrying ingredients in liquid (please only fill halfway unless truck is supported with a chassis, please also avoid very hot water) or solid form, loose, packaged or in bulk.

You’ll also find them carrying bottles, cans, shelf stock and many other types of goods around almost any workplace you can think of.

Mobile container trucks are also used extensively in hospitality to carry laundry, bottles from the bar, ingredients in the kitchens or a multitude of other items to keep the location running.

If you’re looking to move items around the workplace quickly, efficiently and safely, the mobile container truck range from Plastor delivers exactly what you need.

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