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Attached Lid Containers / Tote Boxes

Plastic crates are heavy duty plastic storage boxes with hinged lids (attached lid containers / ALC). Plastic storage crates are distribution and storage boxes that are designed to stack when full and nest when empty, saving up to 75% valuable storage space.


Attached Lid Containers

Plastic attached lid containers are some of the most flexible storage and transport mediums around.

Manufactured from tough plastic, attached lid containers are light, strong and easy to carry. They can nest when empty and be stacked when full. They have easy carry handles and a simple folding lid mechanism to protect the container contents.

Attached lid containers from Plastor includes:

Tote Boxes

Attached lid containers are also known as tote boxes, croc boxes or alligator crates. They provide cost-effective storage of goods that are stackable, nest when empty, easy to use and carry and keeps goods safe.

Tote boxes can be seen everywhere including grocery deliveries, warehouses, storage areas, commercial kitchens, food preparation areas, factories, distribution centres and anywhere goods are stored or moved.

Tote boxes are also very popular for office moves, office storage, events, festivals and situations where simple but effective storage combines with portability.

Interlocking Hinged Lids

The strength of these products is the interlocking hinged lid. This is where the term ‘alligator crate’ comes from. It’s a simple system that uses alternating plastic ‘teeth’ that interlock when closed to secure the contents of the plastic crate.

Lids interlock to provide a high level of protection for the contents without requiring keys or special tools to open.

Tamper Evident Seal

If you do need to protect the contents of an attached lid container, you can use a tamper-evident seal. These seals are single-use and inserted within the hinged lid. Once the seal is broken, it cannot be repaired, making it obvious that the box has been opened.

Tamper-evident seals are often used for valuable goods, time-limited or time-release goods, goods in transport or in secure areas where controls are required for the transport of goods.

Recycled Attached Lid Containers

The vast majority of Plastor attached lid containers are recycled or recyclable. Some are both!

Plastor attached lid containers are manufactured either from Polypropylene (PP) or Recycled Polypropylene (RPP) plastic. Both represent the strength we look for with the sustainability we need.

Sustainability is the duty of all of us and if we can replace single use plastics with multiple use, that has to be better for the environment. If we can manufacture attached lid containers to the same high standards using recycled plastics, why wouldn’t we?

If we could also make sure all tote boxes are fully recyclable, we should do that too.

Plastor has done that. Our recycled attached lid containers are just a small selection of recycled products we sell. They are as strong, as robust and as reliable as virgin plastic.

Most Plastor attached lid containers can also be recycled after use. We want to play our part in making the world more sustainable and we think this is a good start.