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Food Handling Containers


Food Handling Containers

Food handling containers from Plastor provide a range of robust, reliable plastic food containers for a wide range of uses.

Designed to deliver the reliability you look for, each food grade container has been carefully created to safely and hygienically store items while in storage or transit.

Plastor’s range of plastic food containers includes:

These food storage solutions are suitable for use in commercial kitchens, bakeries, restaurants, pubs, bars, bistros, food manufacturers, warehouses and anywhere that stores food, ingredients or supplies.

Whether you’re running a small artisanal bakery or large-scale industrial food factory, commercial kitchen or catering company, Plastor supplies the storage and transport solutions you need to keep food and ingredients safe and secure.

Plastic food containers

Plastic food containers from Plastor have been carefully designed for commercial use, catering to business demands to store and transport foods and goods safely and hygienically. 

All products in this category are manufactured from food grade plastic that can be easily cleaned and are built to provide a long operating life with minimal maintenance.

These plastic food containers are available in standard sizes and a selection of colours and configurations so you can stack and store items efficiently. Plastor designed this range of food grade plastic containers and storage solutions to offer flexibility with the advantage of being able to label, colour coordinate and use other organisational systems to manage your stock with ease.

Food grade plastic containers

If you’re starting a new catering or food manufacturing business, Plastor has everything you need to begin production.

If you’re replacing old storage equipment, our range of food grade plastic containers delivers the reliability, hygiene and convenience you’re looking for.

Each food grade plastic container is manufactured from certified food grade plastics and will be suitable for loose ingredients, fruit, vegetables, meat, fish, liquids and many other items.

Plastor’s plastic food buckets and containers come complete with lids to keep items safe and to enable stacking. Our stacking food containers come in standard sizes so they can be safely nested or stacked as required.

Food grade mobile ingredient dispensers and standard ingredient dispensers are available with racks to help make them accessible and stable, ideal for food preparation areas.

Resealable buckets and bins provide safe, hygienic storage for loose ingredients and liquids while tanks and chassis mobiles enable the safe transport and storage of much larger volumes.

Plastor also stocks a range of scoops, stirrers, scrapers, mixers and shovels perfect for food use. There are multiple shapes and sizes available to suit any of our food handling containers.

Our plastic troughs are widely used in food manufacturing for mixing, storing large volumes of loose ingredients, and providing communal ingredient stores for multiple workstations.

Hygienic food grade containers

Plastor’s plastic food containers are not just reliable and versatile, these food grade storage solutions can also be stacked or nested to allow for optimum storage efficiency.

The range of colours enables convenient coordination and organisation for a functioning food or ingredient management system. For example, our food ingredient dispensers are available in standard sizes and multiple different colours to help fast ingredient recognition even if labelling isn’t used.

It’s just one of the ways we have created our products to deliver instant productivity benefits to your business!

Bulk food storage containers

All plastic food containers from Plastor are manufactured to a very high standard using food-grade plastics.

Whether it’s food grade high density polyethylene (HDPE) or food grade polyethylene, rest assured your plastic container will be reliable, flexible and designed to last.

Sizes are standardised across the range so you can mix and match as you need. Little touches like an extra handle here, an optional accessory there and that unmistakable feeling of quality throughout make Plastor’s products stand out for all the right reasons.

Plastor stocks high quality, reliable food handling containers for every type of industry and almost any food or drink. Order your plastic food containers from Plastor today or contact us to discuss your needs!