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Bulk Pallet Boxes


Plastic Bulk Pallet Boxes

Plastic bulk pallet boxes come in a range of standard sizes and configurations. They all fit standard pallets along with forklifts, pallet trucks and most standard storage mediums.

The Plastor range of bulk pallet boxes includes:

  • Economy boxes that maximise value without compromising quality
  • Folding pallet boxes for efficient storage when empty
  • Bulk pallet boxes with folding sides for easy access to contents
  • Hog Boxes with lids that protect the contents from damage

Geoboxes for safe, hygienic storage for all manner of items

Pallet boxes can be ventilated to allow air circulation, come with lids, come as foldable boxes or geoboxes. Each is ideal for a range of storage and transport needs.

You’ll often see bulk pallet boxes in transport hubs, warehouses, factories, food manufacturing plants, cold storage centres, supermarkets and workplaces that need dependable storage that can be easily transported by pallet.

Boxes are manufactured to a very high standard using new high density polyethylene or recycled polyethylene.

Each box can be configured with feet, castors or skids/runners to help storage and racking. They can be safely stored up to 6 high and without damaging the contents.

The base of every bulk pallet box is strong enough to cope with heavy loads while providing sufficient stability for safe transport and stacking.

Ventilated sides can help keep fresh goods fresh while still delivering the robustness you need. Ventilated bulk pallet boxes can also include a drainage plug for extra convenience.

Bulk pallet boxes with lids can stack while still delivering secure storage for a wide range of goods.

All bulk pallet boxes from Plastor deliver the flexibility, quality and reliability you look for. At a price you can afford.