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Folding Euro Stacking Containers - Vented

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Folding plastic containers

Folding Euro stacking containers are manufactured from polypropylene and can be fully recycled.

Strong and capable when assembled into a crate. Flat and space-efficient when folded. It’s the perfect combination!

Euro sizing adds the convenience of convenient stacking and transportation using Euro pallets and compatibility with other Euro containers.

Plastor stocks a range of folding plastic containers, including three standard sizes: 23 litre, 35 litre and 46 litres. All conform to the 600mm x 400mm Euro standard size. Crates can be 120mm, 180mm or 230mm high.

An innovative folding construction means these containers are simple to assemble and disassemble. They fold into the container shape and lock securely into place.

Once they need to be stored, the sides can be unlocked and folded flat for efficient storage.

Containers can be stacked flat or when in container form. The folding mechanism is secure enough to allow these folding plastic containers to be stacked up to 2.34m high, ideal for transport.

These folding plastic containers come with ventilated bases and sizes, making them suitable for fresh produce, although you don’t have to use them for food.

You’ll often see folding plastic containers like this in bakeries, food processing plants, butchers, transportation hubs, warehouses, supermarkets, smaller stores and anywhere that handles smaller, lighter items.

While ventilated, these containers are robust and reliable enough for any type of item. As long as the contents aren’t small enough to slip through the vents, you can use these plastic containers for almost anything.

They can be handled safely with the built-in handles, carried on a dolly or by forklift. They are truly a flexible container!

We stock a range of folding Euro stacking containers in three different sizes. Order today for competitive prices and fast delivery!