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Grey Range Euro Containers Without Lids

Grey Stacking Euro Containers are used across all industry sectors. These plastic stackable boxes are ideal for simple storage solutions as well as highly sophisticated automated systems. Made from strong plastic these containers are ideal for transporting goods safely and securely whilst offering a lifetime of use.

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The Grey Range is a high-quality range of Euro stacking containers. These grey Euro containers are specifically designed for strength and there are plenty of container sizes available to suit your requirements. This range of plastic Euro containers can be found in some of the largest factories and manufacturing plants across the globe due to their superior qualities. Other variants may be available on request, such as extra strong bases (for heavier duty applications and automatic conveyors), ventilated sides/bases (for air circulation) and hand holes (easy to carry).

Euro containers are called so due to their common footprint dimensions. Each footprint 'doubles up' meaning you can position 2 smaller containers uniformly next to each other and placed neatly on top of the next size-up footprint container. Plastic Euro containers also fit evenly onto both UK (1200mm x 1000mm) and Euro (1200mm x 800mm) pallets. This is perfect for storing, shipping and planning the transportation of contained goods. Euro container footprints within this range include 800x600mm, 600x400mm, 400x300mm and 300x200mm and are available in the large variety of heights.