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KLT (VDA) Automotive Euro Containers

KLT Containers are strong plastic stackable boxes which are mainly used within the automotive industry for traffic of goods between suppliers, service providers and vehicle manufacturers. The most common KLT box sizes are 600x400mm and 400x300mm footprint dimensions meaning that they can stack easily on to a Euro-pallet measuring 1200mm×800mm and UK-pallets measuring 1200mm×1000mm.


KLT VDA containers are specifically tailored to logistic processes in the automotive industry. These automotive containers are extremely durable, stand up to UV light and resilient to washing and cleaning. KLT VDA containers are stackable and produced in Euro sizes for organised and simple logistics. Electrostatic (ESD), interlocking bases and smooth based KLT ranges are available.

The term 'KLT' is from the German word: Kleinladungsträger, which in English means “small load carrier”.