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KLT (VDA) Automotive Euro Containers


Automotive Euro containers

Despite ‘automotive’ being in the name, these plastic containers can be used for anything you need.

You will often find these in industrial premises, bike and motorcycle workshops and anywhere a robust, reliable plastic container is required.

They are manufactured from recyclable copolymer PP or electro conductive copolymer to very high standards.

Plastor can provide standard KLT automotive Euro containers or electrostatic KLT automotive Euro containers. Both are manufactured to the highest quality and deliver the reassurance you need that contents are safe and secure.

Each KLT automotive Euro container type is available in a range of sizes from 5.3 litres up to 48 litres and are available with lids to further protect the contents.

Standard KLT automotive Euro containers come with an interlocking base for secure stacking or a smooth base for more flexible situations. There is also space for barcodes or labels for extra convenience.

The plastic containers are UV and chemical resistant and can be washed regularly without damaging the strength of the material.

They are also suitable for operating temperatures between -20C and +100C.

Plastor’s electrostatic KLT automotive Euro containers use an interlocking base and are otherwise the same sizes and capability of standard containers. They just have the added benefit of being able to safely store and transport delicate electronic components.

All KLT automotive Euro containers are manufactured from recyclable plastic and comply with the 4500 standard.

Each is provided with standard handles and dimensions to help fit into existing warehouse or transport situations and promote safe handling and movement.

Those dimensions mean your plastic containers will fit onto Euro pallets measuring 1200mm × 800mm and UK pallets measuring 1200mm × 1000mm.

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