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Basicline Range Euro Container Attached Lid Cases

Our Basicline (prime economy) range of Euro containers are also available as cases (Euro containers with hinged lids). Each euro container with hinged lid comes with a fixed lid, hinges and snap locks to ensure a secure closure.

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Basicline Euro cases are standard Euro (Basicline) containers converted into hinged lid Euro cases. We also call these cases 'prime economy' because their low cost offers customers fantastic value for money. Each case is supplied assembled with a fastened hinged lid and snap locks that enable the lid to close and remain closed securely. Being Euro cases they can stack upon each other and can be palletized uniformly and stored neatly.

Please note this range of Euro containers with hinged lids may contain one or two Silverline container cases to make up for unavailable sizes that are popular. Silverline container cases are tougher and more versatile by design (crush resistant, integrated label holders) but still offer great value for money making them the perfect fit for this range. Extra large Silverline 800x600mm footprint cases are also available.