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Recycled Plastic Euro Stacking Containers

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Recycled Euro containers

Plastor sells a wide range of recycled plastic Euro stacking containers, ideal for the safe storage and transportation of components or finished goods. They are usable for commercial or industrial use.

Recycled plastic Euro stacking containers are not usually food-grade certified but can be used everywhere else. You’ll often see them in supermarkets, factories, workshops, industrial premises, manufacturing plants, delivery trucks, warehouses and transportation hubs.

Anywhere that needs to store or transport goods safely and efficiently.

Some of our recycled plastic stacking containers (Lightline range) have been awarded with the 'Blue Angel Seal' which is a sought-after German certification for products that are environmentally friendly.

Recycled plastic Euro stacking containers are available in a range of sizes from 10 litres up to 66 litres. Standard sizes include 400mm x 300mm x 100/120/180mm and 600mm x 400mm x 100/120/180/220/320mm.

Plastor also stocks lids for recycled plastic Euro stacking containers in both 400mm x 300mm and 600mm x 400mm sizes for added protection for contents.

The containers can safely stack with or without lids for efficient storage and transport. They also fit perfectly into Euro-standard pallets and on dollies for maximum convenience.

Recycled plastic Euro stacking containers are manufactured to the highest standards using recycled polypropylene. They deliver much the same performance as virgin plastic but with genuine green credentials.

Not only do they use recycled materials, they can also be recycled again to continue reducing plastic waste and increasing sustainability. All without compromising quality, strength, reliability and price!

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