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Stacking Food Containers

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Stacking food containers

Stacking food containers and trays are designed to be easy to carry and store while providing a safe space for food, ingredients or other items.

You will often see stacking food containers and trays on farms, in commercial kitchens and bakeries, neighbourhood bakeries, butchers, fishmongers, shops, supermarkets, warehouses, distributors and anywhere that needs to store and transport items safely.

While designed for food use, you can often see these containers in schools, nurseries, garden centres, shops and other environments where lightweight, reliable storage is required.

Features of stacking food containers include:

  • High quality HDPE or food grade polyethylene construction
  • Standard sizes for easy stacking and storage
  • Hygienic and very easy to clean
  • Lids are available for some containers for extra protection

Stacking food containers are available in a range of colours and sizes from 14 litres upwards. Lids are also available for some containers too.

Some stacking food containers contain no vents and are ideal for loose items or ingredients.

Other stacking food containers have vents on the sides and underneath for good airflow across the contents. Some containers are available with lids to help protect the contents.

Stacking food containers are light when empty and capable of carrying and storing smaller or lighter items. They can be stacked and some can be nested when empty for efficient storage.

Containers are made from food grade high density polyethylene (HDPE) or food grade polyethylene. They are flexible, robust and easy to clean, ideal for the catering industry.

Standard sizes mean you can easily stack these crates or fit onto dollies, pallets or onto racks.

Whether you use them for food, ingredients or something else, stacking food containers provide safe, reliable handling and storage for smaller or delicate items.

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