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Shelf Trays

Shelf trays are useful in the workplace for the storage of smaller items. Choose from our range of shelf trays which come in a variety of different sizes. Compliment the trays with dividers, dust covers and labels to keep your contents clean and organised.


Linbin trays come with an end stop to keep trays at an angle for picking. They also have index cards at the back and the front for accurate picking. Available in six different sizes.

The RK range shelf trays can be used in warehouses and storerooms, and comes with a big range of different sizes to suit your needs. This range also has many accessories such as dividers, dust covers and labels. With an integral grip for manual handling, safe stacking and a high load capacity, the RK range can cover your needs when it comes to small parts and components.

For a more economical range of shelf trays, choose the RK recycled range. This range comes in the more popular sizes of the RK range and is made of recycled polypropylene.