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Really Useful Boxes

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Plastor’s Really Useful BoxesTM are ideal for storing paperwork, toys, small items and anything you have lying around the home or office. The boxes are light, strong and are available at different depths for ease of use.

These plastic boxes with lids come in a range of sizes from 245mm x 180mm x 160mm offering 3 litres of storage all the way up to 810mm x 620mm x 430mm offering 145 litres of storage.

Each is constructed of high quality plastic that has enough flex to provide longevity but enough strength to last the test of time.

Really Useful BoxesTM are clear boxes designed to be light to carry and flexible in use. Lids can be closed securely, carried safely using their built-in handles and the boxes can stack on top of one another when full.

They can often be found in the home serving as convenient storage for bedding, old clothes, toys, kitchenware or items you want to store but not dispose of. They are also found in offices and light industrial areas storing everything from paper and envelopes to dry ingredients. They are that flexible!

Each plastic storage box is made from strong, food grade plastic, has a convenient carry handle at either end and a close-fitting lid for secure storage. They can nest inside each other when empty and stack when full offering very convenient storage options for almost any conceivable purpose!