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Hog Box

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Hog box containers

Hog boxes are flexible attached lid containers that can handle almost any kind of load. Built tough, they can handle up to 100 kg in weight and protect its contents with a folding lid.

That lid can be secured in place with straps and fold out of the way when empty to facilitate nesting.

Highlights of Plastor hog box containers include:

  • Tough polypropylene construction
  • Can be nested when empty and stacked when full
  • Innovative strap guides to secure the load
  • Moulded base to fit pallet trucks or forklifts
  • Can carry up to 100 kg loads
  • Can be stacked up to 6 high with hog box lid

Hog boxes combine large carrying capacity with the convenience of a pallet box. It can be carried by pallet truck or lifted by forklift. The special moulded base is designed specifically for that use.

These attached lid containers are manufactured using heavy duty polypropylene and are designed to be able to cope with almost any load.

Hog boxes are common in warehouses, factories, commercial kitchens, workshops, retail stores, supermarkets, shippers and movers and anywhere goods need to be stored and moved safely.

The hard, impact resistant polypropylene construction delivers a flexible plastic container that should last many years.

They have been specifically designed to nest, stack and be stored safely and conveniently while using minimal space. The folding lid adds protection for goods and can fold completely to aid nesting. That lid can also be strapped to secure the load.

The design of the base means hog boxes can be lifted by forklift or pallet truck for safe transportation and stacked up to 6 high safely.

Hog boxes weigh 12 kg empty and can handle up to 100 kg in weight. Use straps to secure multiple boxes together for safe storage and handling.