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Re-Sealable Food Grade Buckets

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Resealable food grade buckets for catering

Resealable food grade buckets are one of the most flexible storage mediums you can buy.

Store liquids, powders, small ingredients, larger ingredients, cleaning supplies, cloths, loose items, machine spares, tools, brushes and all manner of things with ease.

Highlights of resealable food grade buckets includes:

  • Food grade polypropylene base and polyethylene lid
  • Standard sizes for stacking and nesting
  • Robust but lightweight construction
  • Secure lid capable of stacking
  • Strong handles for safe movement
  • Near airtight, leakproof and stable
  • Ideal for keeping contents fresh and protected from contamination

Manufactured to standard sizes, they can be nested when empty and stacked when full. Lids are strong enough to be stacked and the handles are strong enough to safely cope with the weight.

You’ll often see our resealable food grade buckets in restaurants, food manufacturing plants, bars, bistros, butchers, bakers, fishmongers, warehouses and anywhere that deals with food.

They aren’t just for food though. We also see them in industry, workshops, decorators, factories, the motor industry and other areas of industry that need safe storage for liquids, powders or small items.

They are an essential storage medium, which is why they are so popular!

Plastor’s resealable food grade buckets are available from 2.5 litre volumes up to 60 litres. Each has been manufactured to the highest standards and will include a robust lid to help protect the contents.

All resealable food grade buckets are white so they can be easily labelled and marked and to assist keeping them hygienically clean. We can provide coloured lids for easy organisation though. Just ask!

We believe our resealable food grade buckets deliver the sizes, construction and hygiene you need to safely store and transport any small goods.

What makes Plastor’s range of resealable buckets ‘near’ airtight and not 100% airtight? These buckets have an outstanding resealing system and if these buckets were sealed by the user with 100% perfection they could be classed as airtight, however as a perfect seal cannot be guaranteed by the user when re-sealing the lid it would be incorrect to call them 100% airtight. In fact many suppliers do call resealable buckets - airtight buckets - however please ensure that they are 100% guaranteed to be if looking elsewhere.

Order your resealable food grade buckets from Plastor today for fast delivery to your door!