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Euro Cabinets

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Customisable Euro workshop cabinets

While known as Euro workshop cabinets, they are useful in other places too. You can often find these cabinets in schools, factories, commercial kitchens, warehouses, offices, cleaning cupboards and anywhere you need to keep items safe from theft or harm.

Each Euro workshop cabinet is manufactured from tough steel with lockable doors. The innovative construction means you can configure your cabinet with a range of shelves or drawers depending on your needs.

Euro workshop cabinets and shelf cabinets

Euro workshop cabinets include:

  • Shelf cabinets 600 x 300mm with variable widths
  • Floor cabinets 900 x 500/1000 x 500mm
  • Taller 2000 x 1000 x 500mm.

Each can be configured to suit a wide range of uses.

Each cabinet has been powder coated with a grey chassis and either red, green, grey or blue doors. Attractive enough to adorn any space but not stand out too much.

Plastor also stocks a laminate worktop ideal for Euro 900 Floor Cabinets. This worktop can include an upstand or not, to turn any floor cabinet into a fully functional workspace!

Euro workshop cabinets built tough

Each workshop cabinet is manufactured from high strength steel and either welded or riveted together. Shelves and drawers are built equally robustly, as are the doors.

We appreciate these cabinets will be used in the workplace, school, hospital, kitchen or other areas of high traffic and common use, so have designed and built them to suit.

Despite being built tough, they are also flexible with an innovative hook system that allows you to add shelves and drawers in multiple positions within the cabinet.

Few other cabinet types provide this kind of freedom which is why they are so popular!

Order today for fast delivery to your door. All Euro workshop cabinets come with a full money-back guarantee.