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Plastic Lockers

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Secure plastic lockers

Plastic storage cupboards from Plastor are available in 3 sizes and 4 door colours.

They are manufactured from robust polyethylene to very high standards and each locker includes a lock for the door.

You’ll find plastic storage lockers everywhere, in leisure centres, factories, schools, colleges, warehouses, workshops, hospitals, clinics and anywhere people need to change clothes or store items.

Plastic lockers are very popular in clean workplaces such as food manufacturers, pharmaceutical companies, medical centres and anywhere that typically has a uniform or requires a change of clothes.

Configure your plastic storage lockers with locks to provide the security users need to have confidence to use them.

Heavy duty plastic lockers

Plastic lockers are an excellent solution for providing secure storage without breaking the bank and without compromising ease of use or quality.

Plastic lockers have several advantages over steel lockers. They are flexible and robust and resist damage. They don’t corrode or suffer from moisture or the environment like steel and are very easy to clean and look after.

Each door has a narrow vent to promote airflow without compromising the contents.

Plastic lockers from Plastor can work well on their own or fit together to offer a cohesive storage solution while maximising space.

You can fit each locker together to provide uniform storage, stack different sizes to maximise space efficiency or mix and match to add a little interest.

All lockers are manufactured to exacting standards and predictable sizes so can fit together perfectly. Fixings are provided with each locker for maximum flexibility.

Plastor also sells locker stands for situations where you group multiple lockers together to provide storage. It’s a simple but very effective way to manage storage while being space efficient.

Top them off with a sloping roof to create a professional look and stop people storing or leaving items on the top. They can also provide modest weather protection in exposed areas.

While not designed for outdoor use (unless under a suitable canopy), these storage lockers can cope with a moderate amount of moisture and environmental influences.

Sustainable plastic lockers

All plastic lockers from Plastor are manufactured from high quality polyethylene. We use virgin plastic as the lockers are often used in food preparation and hygienic workspaces.

However, all storage lockers can be fully recycled once they reach end of life.

The lockers should provide years, if not decades, of reliable service so should be regarded as sustainable.

Once end of life, polyethylene can be recycled and turned into new bottles, pens, rope, pipe, composite decking, plastic fending, furniture and all manner of new products.

There are a multitude of uses recycled polyethylene is being put to. We use recycled polyethylene here at Plastor to create storage crates and several other products.

Use these storage lockers for their full working life and recycle them once you replace them and it’s a very sustainable way to provide storage.

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