Mobile Container Trucks

Mobile Container Trucks are strong plastic tanks and containers on wheels. The mobile container trucks within this range are made from easy to clean, hygienic food grade Polyethylene plastic (MDPE)

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Mobile Container Trucks are large wheeled plastic tanks and containers commonly found within the food manufacturing, pharmaceutical, retail, catering, laundry and waste/recycling industry.

Mobile Container Trucks are perfect for transporting and moving contents with ease. The larger tanks on wheels are excellent for transporting large quantities, heavy and bulky contents to and from location. The two most popular large sizes are 320 Litre (70 Gallon) and 455 Litre (100 Gallon) trucks. Please note that by stating litre and gallons does not mean you can fill these trucks with liquid - each truck's description should inform you of the maximum liquid level capacity. If you need to transport liquid then it is advised that a plastic tank (without affixed wheels) should be inserted into a chassis to support the sides - we can also supply chassis tanks, please speak to us or see Tanks and Chassis Mobiles section.

The Mobile Container Trucks within this range are made from hygienic easy to clean food grade Polyethylene (MDPE) plastic. The Mobile Container Trucks within this range are also available in a variety of colours, including red, blue, green, yellow, natural/white, plus many more other colours such as orange, purple and even pink. The trucks tapered sides also allow them to nest inside one another for compact storage when not in use. Lids can also be supplied at extra cost.

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