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Mobile Container Trucks - Coloured Range

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Key features of Plastor containers on wheels

Plastor’s containers on wheels are designed for business and built to last.

Key features include:

  • Manufactured from food grade MDPE plastic
  • Robust castor wheels and steel frames
  • Can be fully recycled after use
  • Some wheeled containers can nest when empty
  • Designed to safely transport larger loads
  • Easy to hygienically clean and maintain
  • Optional lids and accessories available

You will see containers on wheels across industry. From factories and food manufacturers to local butchers or breweries. They are so flexible and so convenient, you’ll see them in just about every type of business you can think of!

Food grade and recycled wheeled containers

Most of the mobile container trucks within the range are made from food grade Polyethylene (MDPE) plastic. They are designed to be hygienic and easy to clean, ideal for food manufacturing, catering and hospitality. Although we also see them used extensively for non-food use.

Many portable bins are also available in eco-friendly recycled plastic (non-food grade). Each delivers the same quality and robustness of new MDPE with the added benefit of lowering the environmental impact of plastic.

All container bins and wheeled storage bins can be recycled after use, which is an added benefit of the Plastor range.

Robust mobile bins

All mobile bins sold by Plastor meet, and often exceed, expectations for build quality and reliability.

The Polyethylene (MDPE) plastic used in the manufacture of our portable bins is proven to be strong and reliable enough for industrial use as well as within smaller businesses, workshops, food manufacturers, shops and the hundreds of other businesses they are used within.

The two most popular large sizes are 320 litre (70 gallon) and 455 litre (100 gallon) trucks. Both provide safe, reliable transport for bulk items or multiple smaller items.

Most mobile bins are designed for solid items and not liquids. Plastor does stock some wheeled trucks with frames suitable for liquids.

If you have specific requirements for storing or moving liquids using portable bins, check out the range or contact one of our team. We will be happy to help.

Industrial bins with lids

Plastor stocks a range of industrial bins with attached or separate lids to help keep loads safe while in storage or in motion.

Contents will be fully protected by the strong plastic bin casing with the added bonus of a flip lid or loose lid that can clip into place. Ideal for ingredients, loose items, valuable products or for safely moving and storing anything.

Castors and handles

We select the best portable bins that use the correct balance of plastic, strong castor wheels and supportive frames.

Many will have handles for transportation and predictable wheels so staff can move them around the workplace safely. Some of our wheeled storage bins even come with brakes for the wheels to ensure you always have full control of the load.

We take our responsibility very seriously, so guarantee every mobile bin we sell.

Convenient containers on wheels

If you’re moving numerous or bulky items around a workplace, a container on wheels makes it easy. They are safe, manoeuvrable and can come with brakes.

The attached castor wheels on our container bins are solid, reliable and most importantly, quiet. They are predictable too. Look after them and they will point in the direction you want every time.


Well-designed wheeled storage bins

A lot of care and attention has gone into the design of the entire range of wheeled storage bins.

They are standard sizes so you know how much to load them and how heavy they will be.

You can even nest some of our wheeled storage bins as they have been designed tapered, so will fit into each other. Ideal when space is at a premium.

They can have handles, lids, drainage taps, an open section for order picking or a steel frame for extra support.

The mobile container trucks within the Plastor range are also available in a variety of colours, including red, blue, green, yellow, natural/white, orange, purple and even pink.

These colour options make it easy to colour code ingredients, components or to display where the contents are in the manufacturing process.

If you don’t see a colour here you like, contact one of our team. We should be able to find what you need.

Portable bins that are easy to clean and maintain

Portable bins used every day throughout your business not only need to be robust, they also need to be easy to clean and simple to maintain.

Two benefits portable bins from Plastor deliver.

The plastic bin can be washed down and wiped, be cleaned with specialist products, rinsed down with a hose and tipped and drained. The MDPE plastic is resistant to staining, corrosion and light damage and can be hygienically cleaned as required.

Metal frames and castors will be manufactured from tough stainless steel. Frames will be painted to resist corrosion and damage. The wheels are designed tough, with robust castors and strong rubber tyres.