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Harvest Crate

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Flexible plastic harvest crates

Harvest crates are predominantly used for food but we supply many other businesses with them. Those include warehouses, transport hubs, food processors, commercial kitchens and bakeries, supermarkets and shops of every shape and size.

Their size, convenient carry handles and ability to stack or nest make them useful in all manner of places.

The bale arm supermarket crate is also used as a harvest crate. They are incredibly flexible and can be used for their intended purpose or something else completely.

They are a standard size so can nest, stack or fit onto a pallet. The folding bale arm offers protection for contents when stacking and fold out the way when nesting.

They are also available in a range of colours to aid sorting and stock control.

Our range of dedicated harvest crates range from 43 litre capacity up to 70 litres. They can stack or nest and are durable enough for heavier loads. They are also manufactured from food grade HDPE, so are ideal for food use.

They can be stacked, nested or transported by dolly and include vents or be unvented.

Each harvest crate includes convenient carry handles for safe movement.

The stacking ventilated container is also often referred to as a harvest crate. It is similar to the bale arm crate but is shallower and doesn’t have the arms. It’s a vented container capable of handling up to 43 litres and is manufactured from food grade HDPE.

Each harvest container is manufactured to very high standards and is capable of providing many years of reliable service.

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