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Coloured Euro Picking Containers

Euro Coloured picking container bins available in blue or red, ideal for colour coding your picking system or simply to brighten up your working environment.

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Here you will find Euro stacking picking containers, commonly known as picking bins available in blue and red. Being Euro standard containers allows you to create a versatile picking system as each size can stack uniformly on top of one another. Being Euro standard also means you can uniformly arrange your picking bins on to Euro (800 x 1200mm) and UK (1200 x 1000mm) standard pallets.

All Euro picking containers within this 'Coloured Euro Picking Container' range have label inserts and are provided with white card labels to help you swiftly identify the contents within each picking bin.

Wheeled dollies (600 x 400mm & 800 x 600mm) are also available so that you can transport your picking bins and containers with ease. Lids and drop-down doors can also be provided.

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