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Parts Bins

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Plastic parts storage bins

Parts boxes are a storage staple and for good reason. They provide convenient storage and access to small components and can be used anywhere for almost anything.

Parts bins are also known as linbins, picking containers and many other names. They are relatively small plastic containers with a dip at the front that allows easy access to the contents.

Plastic parts storage bins will be manufactured from high quality new or recycled plastic. They will conform to standard sizing so can stack, nest or be used within shelving systems. They are very useful to have around!

You’ll find parts boxes used extensively in the home or in business. You’ll see them in sheds and garages everywhere, storing nuts, bolts, wires and the hundreds of random small items an average house uses.

You’ll also find parts boxes used extensively in business. Everywhere from workshops, factories to artisan confectioners use them for storing small items ready for use.

As plastic parts storage bins are available in different colours, it’s easy to add organisation to storage. There is space for labels too, to ensure maximum ease of use.

Parts bins can stack, be shelved, be fixed to the wall or integrated into a larger stacking system. They are a very versatile storage medium that can be used in a multitude of situations.

From the very small to the much larger, parts boxes are a very flexible and useful storage medium to have around. Whether you’re looking to organise your home or your business, they make a solid investment!

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