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Picking Bins - Large

Large picking bins offer easy picking access of larger and bulkier contents. Many large picking bins and containers are commonly used for the easy access of stock, especially clothing within the stockroom or distribution centre. Most of our picking containers are stackable meaning versatile pickwalls can be built to suit your picking environment.

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Our large range of picking bins is precisely that, a selection of picking containers that offer a large capacity. This range includes varied items, some of which appear within other ranges on our website and other large picking bins can be solely found within this range.

Items that may require large picking applications include garments, such as clothes within a distribution centre or stockroom. Other items may include marquee fixings, hangers, tools, magazines/books; the options are endless.

Some of our large picking containers can even be built as versatile pickwalls due to their stackable properties. The benefit of pickwalls is that they can be easily reconfigured and they can even be a great alternative to static shelving. Better still, some of our picking containers can sit upon wheeled dollies for easy transportation from once place to another, a great example being from stockroom to shop floor to re-stock shelves.