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Tilt Bins

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Plastic tilt bins

Plastic tilt bins are the perfect solution for storing small components in the home or in a business. They are robust, reliable and able to be stacked, secured and stored anywhere you need.

Plastic tilt bins come in multiple sizes. Each is manufactured using strong plastic and has a tilting clear front.

Tilt bins measure come with varying heights and depths. Each can house a number of small items with ease and can be loaded from the front as required.

You’ll often see plastic tilt bins in hobby shops, workshops, factories, stockrooms, offices, manufacturing plants, repair stations and anywhere that needs to store small items while offering quick and easy access.

They can be used to store screws, nuts, bolts, cables, needles, threads, pins and any small component you might need to use.

They are a cheap, accessible way to keep the workplace organised, helping staff and providing a professional look and easy access for customers.

There’s a card holder in front so you can label each container for fast identification.

The tilting mechanism enables you to keep items safe and free from loss, dirt and dust. The movement is smooth and locks at an angle to prevent accidental spillage of items.

Plastor can provide trolleys, wall mounts, freestanding units, and retainer bars for all these products.

If you need to securely store small items while allowing fast and easy access or need parts readily available but protected from the elements, you need a tilt bin from Plastor! These tilt bin units come in 4 different sizes, which are robust and scratch resistant. Ideal for desks, counters or workbenches and can also be wall mounted. Ideal for the organisation and storage of small parts.