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XL Picking Bins

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Plastic XL Picking Bins

XL picking bins offer safe storage for components and ingredients while maintaining efficiency and ease of use.

They can keep items safe while allowing you to pick, pack, make or build quickly and efficiently, ideal for business.

You’ll find XL picking bins in warehouses, workshops, factories, manufacturing plants, food processors, restaurants, shops, service and maintenance depots and anywhere small components, ingredients or items are used.

XL picking bins are available in a range of sizes, from 0.46 litres all the way to 32 litres. They measure from 90 x 100 x 50mm up to 370 x 420 x 180mm.

They come in a range of colours (grey, red, blue, green, yellow) to help organisation. Available with dividers to extend storage potential and with louvre panels that can support them for convenient wall storage.

XL picking bins can fit into racking or shelving or be stacked for efficient storage. They can also mount onto louvre panels for a little extra convenience.

Plastic XL picking bins are available as virgin plastic or recycled plastic. Both provide a long operating life with minimal maintenance and can be fully recycled once replaced.

Virgin plastic picking bins can be regarded as food-grade (direct contact with food if clean) but recycled picking bins cannot. All are manufactured in England in accordance with ISO9001 standards.

Each includes side supports for strength and rigidity and a convenient opening on the front to enable easy access. There’s also a label slot to further improve organisation.

If you’re looking for cheap, efficient storage for ingredients or small items, XL picking bins are ideal. They stack, can be wall mounted and come in a range of capacities and colours. They are ideal for any business environment!