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Industrial Racking

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Industrial racking shelves

Industrial racking systems help make order out of chaos and let you do more with limited space.

You’ll often see industrial racking in warehouses, transport centres, courier depots, supermarkets, DIY stores, workshops, factories, shops, schools, colleges and anywhere that requires organised storage.

All industrial racking systems offer stable storage for almost any item you need to store. Loose items, bulk items, pallets, containers and more.

We also stock a huge range of plastic containers you can use to store things in and stack on industrial racking systems. Whatever your storage requirements, Plastor has the perfect solution for your needs.

You can stack boxes as much as you like but nothing beats the convenience and ease of use of industrial racking!

Flexible industrial racking systems

Industrial racking systems from Plastor come in a wide range of shapes, sizes and configurations. There’s a solution here for every shape or size of space and you can configure them in any way you like.

We stock tall racking, wide racking, corner units, Kanban shelving, bar and sheet storage solutions and wire shelving too.

We also stock the full range of fixing and accessories to help you get the most out of your racking. Everything from rubber mallets to labels and signage is available for delivery.

If you run a busy business, any industrial racking system from Plastor will fit the bill. If you work with food or within clean environments, our hygienic and catering shelving has the qualities you’re looking for.

If you’re building a display, Kanban or chrome wire shelving could be ideal.

If you want to organise your storage, labels and signage increase ease of use, speed and efficiency. These alone could quickly pay for themselves!

Heavy-duty industrial racking

If you’re buying storage for your business, you’re probably looking for 3 things, cost-effectiveness, ease of use and reliability. Heavy-duty industrial racking from Plastor delivers on all three and more.

All industrial racking is manufactured from high-strength materials, often steel. Shelves can be steel, wood or plastic and are rigorously tested to ensure stability and reliability.

Each industrial racking system has a maximum load weight which is clearly outlined in the description.

Convenient industrial racking

Most industrial racking we stock can be assembled in no time with basic tools. Some racks clip together in minutes while others require bolting together and fixing into place.

Either way, each rack can be assembled quickly, secured into place and will be ready for many years of faithful service.

Our industrial racking shelves are designed to be low maintenance too. Check the bolts regularly to ensure they remain tight, wipe down occasionally and that’s all the care they need.

Hygienic and catering shelving can be thoroughly cleaned as part of your normal hygiene schedule with no impact on serviceability or longevity. They have been designed specifically to deliver the features you need for your clean spaces.

Whatever type of industrial racking you’re looking for, Plastor has what you need. We also have some unbeatable prices and superb after-sales service too!

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