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Industrial Shelving

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Industrial metal shelving from Plastor

Industrial shelving from Plastor is designed to be tough, long-lasting and easy to work with.

They are built to safely store even the heaviest items and are very easy to install and maintain, ideal for even the busiest workplace.

Whether you’re looking for an industrial shelf, heavy duty shelves, shelving units, industrial storage units or storage racks, Plastor has what you need.

Everything we sell has been designed for reliability and ease of use. They are also easy to assemble. Some don’t even need tools!

Our industrial rack solutions are rated up to 500kg, enough for even the busiest storage room or warehouse. They are built durable and light yet can cope with heavy use.

Configurations include racking, container shelving, sloping Kanban shelving systems, catering shelves and bar and sheet storage.

Plastor also stocks labels and signage to help organise your industrial shelving.

Most bays are designed to fit Euro size containers, be easy to assemble, easy to load and unload and to use.

Light and long lasting industrial shelving units

Plastor stocks a range of steel industrial shelving units in a range of sizes. Capabilities range from 250kg up to 500kg. Enough for almost any use!

Construction is typically steel uprights and shelf supports with plastic or wood shelving. Each unit has a maximum rated shelf load clearly indicated so you know exactly what industrial rack to buy.

Assembly is simple. Some heavy duty storage shelving clips together to provide a reliable shelving solution. Others will require simple hand tools to assemble and bolt safely together.

All heavy duty storage shelving is designed to be long lasting, easy to clean and maintain and provide safe, reliable storage for almost any use.

Flexible industrial shelf units

Just like every business is a different shape and size, so are your storage requirements.

Plastor has sourced a selection of industrial shelf units to match. Some are tall and slim, others wider, some fit perfectly into corners while others will fit anywhere you have space.

They can be assembled in minutes using nothing but a rubber mallet or simple tools. Once installed, your shelving units will provide many years of faithful service and can then be disassembled and moved as required.

Modern industrial storage units fit for your needs

Efficiency is key in storage and our industrial racks are designed to match. Fit them anywhere you have the space and stack them high, comfortable in the knowledge they won’t let you down.

Use our storage labels and signage to keep things organised and you could build the perfect storage solution for much less than you might think!

Contact Plastor today for cost-effective, reliable commercial shelving solutions!