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Warehouse Shelving

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Shelving & Racking from Plastor

Warehouse shelving and racking is the cornerstone of efficient storage. Designed to be strong, easy to use, accessible and safe, shelving must work incredibly hard.

Plastor has designed all warehouse shelving units to deliver robust reliability with accessible shelving to deliver efficient storage for any working environment.

All shelves for warehouse use are manufactured from strong steel uprights and shelf supports, with plastic or wood shelves. This combination makes them strong but also easy to construct and maintain.

All our warehouse storage shelves have maximum weight ratings so you can quickly see which is best for your needs. They are capable of handling up to 500 kg, which is enough for any shelf!

Shelving and racking configurations include container shelves, racks, sloping shelves, catering shelves and sheet storage solutions.

Each has a range of shapes and sizes to help fit into any space. There’s wide, narrow, short, tall and heavy duty shelves for warehouse use.

You don’t have to just use them in warehouses. You can use racking and shelving anywhere you like.

You’ll often see Plastor shelving and racking in factories, transport centres, storage facilities, workshops, food manufacturers and a wide range of other workplaces.

Anywhere that stores goods for transport, manufacture or future use would benefit from using a Plastor shelving and racking solution.

Reliable rack and shelving

As a trusted manufacturer of storage solutions for business, Plastor knows the qualities you look for. We also appreciate that we need to manufacture to the highest quality while keeping prices accessible.

We think our current range of ultra-reliable racks and shelving delivers on both counts.

We use high grade stainless steel for the construction, along with our signature tough plastics or wood for shelves. This combination delivers tough racking and shelving that’s flexible and safe to use.

Each of our warehouse shelving units will be rated to a specific weight but be over-engineered to cope with much more. The idea is to provide enough capability to fulfil requirements without putting undue stress on the materials.

That’s how we deliver such reliable warehouse storage shelves!

Shelving & racking that’s safe and easy to use

All shelving & racking from Plastor can be set up quickly and easily. Some clip together without needing any tools while other solutions use hand tools to assemble.

Most warehouse shelving units can be assembled within an hour by two people using basic tools. Most will clip or bolt together and can be left free standing or affixed to the wall.

Shelves are easy to access and provide enough space to load and unload and reach back safely. We have taken great care in designing not only capable racking and shelving, but safe racking and shelving too.

All industrial shelving and racking from Plastor can be used with labelling and signage to help keep things organised and efficient. Ideal for any workplace!

Order your warehouse shelving today for fast delivery or contact the Plastor team if you don’t find what you need.