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Ladders and Step Ladders

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Ladders and Step Ladders

Work safely at height with Plastor’s selection of safe, reliable ladders and step ladders.

Whatever height you need to work at, whatever you need to do, our selection of ladders and step ladders can get you there.

Each ladder and step ladder is made from high quality materials and is manufactured to the highest standards. They will also conform fully to any relevant regulations.

The range includes small platforms, stepladders, extension ladders, steps, folding platforms, roof ladders and scaffold towers.

Whatever your needs, whatever the height, we have something here to suit!

Workplace ladders and step ladders

Working at height involves risk so the one thing you don’t want to worry about is your ladder. Use any of Plastor’s range of ladders and stepladders and you can have the confidence you’re using the best tool for the job.

Our products are made from robust fibreglass and lightweight aluminium. We have specially selected this range as we believe it delivers optimal performance, ease of use and safety features.

The Plastor ladder and stepladder range includes:

  • Steps and small platforms
  • Stepladders
  • Extendable ladders
  • Roof ladders
  • Scaffold towers
  • Warehouse steps
  • Heavy duty ladders

Each product has a maximum capacity and safe use height which is clearly outlined in the product description. If you need something that isn’t in our range, contact our team and we’ll be happy to help!


Step ladders are ideal for low to medium height. They provide a safe platform for tasks and are easy to fold and store. If you don’t need to work high, they are often the best option.

Steps and small platforms

Steps and small platforms are for when you just need a step up or an extra little bit of height to reach a shelf. They are small, robust and come in a range of configurations depending on how much height you need.

Extendable ladders

Extendable ladders are the most flexible option when you need to go a little higher. Usually available with two or three sliding ladder sections, extendable ladders provide the means to work safely at medium heights.

Scaffold towers

Scaffold towers are perfect for working for longer at higher elevations. They come as a kit and can be quickly assembled and disassembled with just two people. Once constructed, they provide a platform from which to work for longer periods at height.

Heavy duty ladders

Heavy duty ladders are sturdier and more robust than extendable ladders or stepladders. They can often be used as part of an A-frame or a standalone ladder. Most are still manufactured from aluminium but provide a sturdier platform from which to work.

The Plastor range of ladders and stepladders delivers the safety and reliability you look for in workplace equipment. Products you can depend on at a price you can afford.

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