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Heavy Duty Storage Boxes

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Heavy duty plastic storage boxes

Heavy duty plastic storage boxes are useful in many areas of industry, from holding items, ingredients, components, for shipping products or storing items ready for transport or when they are needed.

You’ll find heavy duty storage boxes in warehouses, transport hubs, factories, food manufacturers, commercial bakeries, distribution centres, schools, colleges and anywhere that needs robust storage that can cope with heavy loads.

Heavy duty storage boxes come in a range of colours, capacities and configurations. Some come with wheels to help easy movement while others have runners designed for forklift use.

Each box will be a standard size, so can be stacked, used with dollies or pallets or racking systems.

Many can be stacked when empty or full to help maximise available space while providing easy access to contents with a dropdown door.

Other heavy duty storage boxes can nest when empty thanks to innovative design that may include folding lids.

Either way, each storage box has been carefully designed to provide generous storage along with safe transport and the reliability you need.

Whatever you’re looking for, whatever its future use, there will be a heavy duty box here that’s ideal for your needs.

Some Heavy duty storage boxes are made from recycled plastic while others food-grade virgin plastic. All can be recycled after a long career of providing safe, dependable storage for your products.

Stock changes all the time as we discover new types of boxes. If you can't find what you’re looking for, try the crate finder at the bottom of the page, contact Plastor today.