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Euro Stacking Containers With & Without Lids

Stack, store and save with our huge range of Euro Stacking Containers. Our Euro Stacking Containers come in a variety of beneficial ranges, including solid sides, vented sides, colours, folding, low cost, heavy duty, clear, with lids, conductive, food grade, with internal glass dividers & component inserts and much more.


Euro Stacking Containers

Euro stacking containers, also known as Euro crates or Euro bins (available with and without lids) are versatile, heavy duty, strong plastic boxes that stack only. Plastic stacking containers and crates generally have a greater volume capacity due to their straight sides. Our Euro (European standard size) stacking boxes can be tailored to suit your requirements with drop on lids, hinged lids, inner dividers, personalised print and locking clasps.

What is meant by the term 'Euro container'?

Euro is the standard footprint size for many plastic containers, crates and boxes. These footprint sizes are 200x150mm, 300x200mm, 400x300mm, 600x400mm(most popular size) & 800x600mm. Euro containers also come in a large variety of heights, from 70mm trays to 520mm high boxes (depending on the range).

Stackable euro containers are designed to fit standard European sized wooden and plastic pallets. Vertical sides allow for the maximum usable volume. The coloured range of food grade plastic euro containers is also resistant to acids and oils, making them ideal for food preparation and storage.

You may have noticed that the footprint sizes increase in size by "doubling-up". This allows for systematic stacking, for example x2 400x300mm Euro containers can securely stack side-by-side on top of a 600x400mm Euro container, and so on. Euro containers can also uniformly sit onto of 1200x800mm Euro pallets and 1200x1000mm UK Standard ISO pallets for optimal storage and transportation.

Ventilated Euro Containers

Ventilated Euro Stacking Containers have perforated sides and bases for optimal air flow (ventilation). Ventilated stacking containers are also popular with the food and harvesting industries as airflow keeps the contents fresher when in storage and transit. Most bases on vented Euro containers are ribbed for added strength and some models are available with both vented sides and a solid base.

Euro Container with Lids

Our range of Euro stacking containers are available with hinged lids which can be securely closed with snap locks. We can even apply handles to some of our models and also drill padlock holes for added security.

Foldable Euro Containers

Foldable containers are also known as collapsible boxes and are perfect space savers for when the containers are not in use. They are very robust, stack securely when open or folded and cleverly designed to collapse virtually flat.

Electro-Conductive 'ESD' (Antistatic) Euro Stacking Containers

ESD containers are popular in the electronics industry as plastic ESD containers are ideal for transporting and storing electronic components. Made from electro conductive plastic to protect the contents against electro-static discharge. Available to buy with a loose or hinged lid.

Euro Container Picking Bins

We also offer a large range of Euro stacking containers with open ends/sides for easy picking access of contents. Available in a large range of sizes to suit your contents and space these picking bins can be configured as pick walls in seconds and can also provide an organised picking system within shelving bays. Many of our Euro picking bins are available with or without drop down doors.

Euro sized dollies are also available for easy transportation of containers.

Plastor has one of the largest and best value ranges of Euro stacking containers in the UK! Please contact us if you require any assistance or advice.