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Open Fronted Storage Boxes

Open Fronted Storage Boxes are ideal for the easy access of contents, even when boxes are stacked.

Storage Boxes with front openings are popular for picking applications, can be an alternative to fixed shelving bays and are available in a large range of sizes.

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Open Fronted Storage Boxes & Picking Bins

Open Front Storage Boxes and Picking Bins are available in a large variety of sizes and designs, from very small picking bins (ideal for wall mounting on to louvre panels for easy access of small parts) up to very large open fronted storage boxes which can stack upon one another, meaning the containers don't need to be moved/lifted to access contents.

Here at Plastor, we offer one of the largest ranges of open front storage boxes in the UK. From Linbins to Euro stacking containers with open ends, we have them all. Whatever your budget, whatever your application and whatever goods you're storing we are likely to have the open front storage box for you.

What are Linbins?

Linbins are small open front storage and picking bins primarily for the easy and fast access of smaller goods, such as fixings, tools, small parts, nuts/bolts, wires, components and other smaller items. Linbins are available in 10 sizes (Size 1 is not always available) and can be wall-mounted (hung) on to louvre panels, trolleys and stands. Linbins are also stackable.

What are XL Bins?

XL Bins are small open fronted storage bins just like Linbins. XL Bins are available in 7 popular sizes which slightly differ from the Linbin dimensions - however they are of similar size scale to Linbins. XL Bins can also be mounted on to Louvre panels, trolleys and stands, plus they can also stack as well.

What are Euro Stacking Containers with Open Fronts?

Euro Stacking Containers are a very popular industry strength plastic container which stacks. Very popular across all industries and available in a large range of small to extra large sizes Euro stacking containers offer a durable and cost effective solution to many storage applications. Due to their stacking nature Euro Stacking Containers with Open Fronts are a particularly useful product as each box DOES NOT need to be moved or lifted to access each container's contents. These open end boxes can be a versatile, reconfigurable alternative to fixed shelving bays. Euro stacking containers with open fronts can also be positioned on shelves to create an organised a tidy picking solution.

Many retailers, especially within the garment, merchandising, fashion and clothing industry choose open fronted stacking containers to help them organise their stored goods. For example it is easy to separate clothing by size and colour and organise these sorted goods in to the relevant open front storage box (sometimes known as a picking bin). Many customers like to create or buy ready made pick walls which are simply a group of open fronted boxes which provides a simple, organised and reconfigurable picking solution. Open fronted Euro stacking containers can also be seated on to wheeled dollies as a mobile picking solution - great for the replenishment of stores and warehouses.