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Strong, Reliable Dollies

Transport dollies are also known as skates for obvious reasons. They are the simplest way to safely move heavy goods around. They can support crates and boxes and be easily moved around with little effort. Perhaps that's why they are so popular!

We also stock container trolleys, heavy duty dollies and dolly handles too.

You’ll often find transport dollies in warehouses, factories and other industrial premises. You can also see them in supermarkets, food manufacturers, moving companies and anywhere staff are required to move bulky or heavy items by hand.

Dollies are manufactured from high strength wood, steel or plastic. Each has been thoroughly tested to ensure they deliver the quality and reliability you look for in your equipment.

Plastor features a selection of steel, new or recycled plastic dollies in UK and EU sizes. They are available in 300 x 400mm, 600 x 400mm and 800 x 600mm sizes to cover more popular requirements.

Each comes with four or more caster wheels that have been designed to resist damage and wear and provide predictable movement around tight spaces.

A lot of thought and design has gone into the wheels of each dolly Plastor sells. Castors have been specifically designed to roll freely, not squeak and provide predictable control without swerving or going off course.

We use dollies in our own warehouse when a forklift isn’t available or isn’t required. They are sturdy, simple and very easy to use, own and maintain.

They also offer significant workplace safety and wellbeing benefits that far outweigh their cost.

If you store or move heavy or bulky items and need to move them by hand, you need a transport dolly!