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Flatbed Trolleys

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Plastor Flatbed Trolleys

Flatbed trolleys are used every day around the world, helping to move and store industry goods in an easy and convenient manner. They are a mainstay of warehouses, transport hubs, airports, hospitals, factories and anywhere goods need to be moved by hand safely. There is no better way to move items around without a forklift.

High quality flat bed trolleys should be durable, strong and easy to use, and that’s where Plastor can help! We are one of the leading handling product specialists in the UK. Our flatbed trolleys are available in a wide range of sizes and configurations, including different handle types and colours.

We also have flatbed trolleys with sides, ideal for keeping your goods secure during transportation. The sides partially or completely enclose your products, keeping them extra safe.

Key Features of Flat Bed Trolleys:

  • Heavy duty trolleys manufactured from high strength steel for durability and longevity
  • Flat trolleys with robust wheels
  • Different types of trolley to suit your needs and industry requirements

Our flatbed trolleys are all manufactured from high strength steel and come with either a wooden bed, steel mesh or plastic bed, ideal for food industries or where hygiene is a primary concern.

They include four robust wheels with soft tyres, helping to move the trolley around without damaging flooring or making too much noise. Some of our trolleys have four swivel wheels, while others have been designed with a pair of swivel wheels and two fixed to help effortlessly manoeuvre heavier items.

Depending on the size of trolley you buy, our heavy duty flatbed trolleys will be capable of safely transporting up to 1,000kg around the workplace! For added safety, the frame, bed, handles and wheels will be rated to exceed the maximum carrying capacity of the trolley.

What are the benefits of Flatbed Trolleys?

Durable: Our high quality, heavy duty flatbed trolleys are built to last with high strength steel, helping you maintain workplace efficiency for years to come

Increased Productivity: Flat bed trolleys allow you to transport large loads in just one journey, saving both time and energy

Easy to use: Plastor flatbed trolleys are designed for one user to easily manage and manoeuvre

Wherever you work, whatever you need to move, there are few transport solutions more efficient than a Plastor flatbed trolley!

Browse our selection of flat bed trolleys today. Have a question? Contact us here.