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Lift Tables

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Plastor Lift Tables

Lift tables are a genius solution for a serious problem. How to allow staff to move items at height without requiring a forklift or a crane. The answer is the scissor lift table. A foot operated pump-action pneumatic table that helps staff lift and carry heavy goods to and from high storage.


Plastor sells both Vulcan scissor lift tables and premium scissor lift tables. Both enable staff to lift goods safely in almost any situation.


Lift tables come with reliable brakes, a foot pump, a single or double load bed and a handle for easy movement. Lift tables are available in capacities from 150kg up to 1500kg.


Lift tables are much cheaper to buy and run than a forklift or crane and can be used by one or more staff. They provide safe, reliable lifting capabilities for up to 1500kg at once with a maximum lift height of up to 1700mm (see each model for its capabilities).