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Roll Containers and Shelf Trucks

Filter Group
Overall Height (mm)
Overall Width (mm)
Overall Depth (mm)
Wheel Type / Brakes
Base / Deck Size (mm)
Maximum Load (kg)
Number of Shelves
Shelf Load (kg)

Roll containers are a flexible, convenient way to move goods around a space safely. They enable staff to transport bulky items or heavy loads with little effort in a safe, stable way.

They come with robust wheels capable of rolling smoothly, handling uneven surfaces and changing direction quickly. Roll containers can often be found in supermarkets, shops, warehouses, courier depots, hospitals, clinics, bakeries and anywhere that needs to store and transport items safely and efficiently.

All cages are constructed of lightweight, high strength steel frames with a steel mesh. A strong wooden or steel base provides stability while a set of long-lasting wheels makes short work of moving around any space.

Some cages come with lockable doors for high value products while others have removable doors for extra convenience. Some roll containers come as a simple cage. Some come with shelves for easy sorting and storage.

Shelf trucks use the same high strength construction with a range of shelves at convenient and sometimes adjustable positions for easy storage of multiple products.

Like all Plastor products, these roll containers have been designed with you in mind. Built to last, designed for ease of use and constructed of the highest quality materials. With full warranty of every product and fast delivery to your door, what more could you need?