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Table Trolleys and Table Trucks

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Table trolleys

Table trolleys are flexible units that can be wheeled into place to provide a work surface, extra storage or a simple way to transport goods or items during manufacture.

They are made from high strength steel and will have a steel, plastic or timber surface. They also have robust castor wheels that can lock into place for easy movement.

Table trolleys come with two or three shelves and can include a cupboard and drawers depending on the model you select.

Some table trolleys even come with steps to help you work safely at height.

Table trucks

Table trucks are similar to table trolleys but are often smaller, with two shelves. They will also have castor wheels that provide a simple, accessible way to move them around the workplace.

Table trucks will also have plastic, steel or timber surfaces to use as a safe storage surface or workstation depending on your needs.

Plastor table trolleys and table trucks

All table trolleys and table trucks are manufactured to the highest standards and provide the reliability you look for in workplace equipment.

You’ll often find table trolleys and table trucks in workshops, factories, stockrooms, small-scale manufacturers, warehouses and anywhere that requires mobile workspaces or robust work surfaces.

Products include medium and heavy duty step trolleys with 3 to 5 steps and hard surfaces for work, two tray or three tray trolleys with hard surfaces and optional storage. Table trucks include two shelf units, a handle, two fixed wheels and two swivel wheels.

All table trolleys and table trucks will include strong caster wheels more than capable of handling over and above the state maximum capacity.

If you’re looking for reliable table trolleys and table trucks for your workplace, we have what you need. Order from Plastor today for competitive prices and fast delivery!