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Turntable Trolleys

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Turntable Trolleys from Plastor

Turntable trolleys are a safe and flexible solution for moving goods around. They can handle large and heavy items easily. They can handle smaller or more numerous items and carry pallets, crates and boxes with impunity.

All of our turntable trolleys have been manufactured using high strength steel frames with heavy duty wheels. Those wheels will include a pair of fixed wheels for stability and two swivel wheels for manoeuvrability.

Tough wheels along with a folding handle, the turntable trolley is an elegant solution to an age-old problem. That of moving items around smaller spaces without compromising the safety of staff.

With a very tight turning circle, comfortable handle with variable height and a very stable platform, it’s hard to come up with a safer way to move goods by hand.

Wheels will be rated to exceed the maximum load of the trolley and come with either solid rubber tyres or pneumatic wheels for smooth movement across a range of surfaces.

Turntable trolleys will typically be manufactured with a steel frame and either a steel or plywood bed. The bed can be left bare or covered with a non-slip mat for extra safety.