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This section consists of all of Plastor's popular plastic storage boxes, including plastic trays, crates, Euro stacking containers, lidded boxes and picking bins.

The easiest way to find the plastic storage boxes you need is to use the filters and work your way through the options that are important to your needs. If you can't find the storage boxes you need then please do not hesitate to contact us and we will be able to help you.

If you know the style of box you need then please feel free go to these areas of our website:

Plastic Crates and Attached Lid Containers:
Plastic Crates (also known as Attached Lid Containers) are popular industrial strength plastic boxes for the storage, distribution and transportation of goods within almost every known industry, especially the moves, health care and retail sectors. Our crates are heavy duty, have strong, easy access attached hinged lids and better still they nest when empty to save space when not in use and can stack upon each other when lids are closed.

Plastic crates are also loved by the consumer market too for domestic use, especially for house moves and organising the garage, shed or loft.

Euro Stacking Containers
Euro Stacking Containers are tough stackable plastic storage boxes and trays (normally grey in colour but other colours are available) with straight edges and come with either solid or vented (ideal for airflow) sides. Some can be folded (collapsed) to save space and some have pick openings at each end for easy access of goods when stacked or on shelving.

The term 'Euro' is to do with their sizes (footprint dimensions). Euro containers are designed to fit uniformly on to both UK (1200 x 1000mm) and Euro (1200 x 800mm) sized pallets. Each container is available in divisible stacking dimensions, for example two 400x300mm containers can sit side-by-side and stacked on top of a 600x400mm Euro container, and two 600x400mm containers can sit side-by-side and stacked upon x1 800x600mm container. Altogether creating a neat, logistically efficient storage system.

Euro stacking containers are versatile, practical, tough and commonly found across most industries for the storage and transportation of goods, including fresh produce (food grade containers only).

Picking Bins, Open End Boxes and Pick Containers
Picking Bins and Open End Containers are storage boxes with openings at one end for the easy access and loading of stored goods.

Here at Plastor we have loads of sizes available, some of which can hang on wall, trolley and stand mounted louvre panels. Some of our larger picking bins (see our Euro Stacking Container Picking Bins) can be assembled within seconds to create pick walls and picking systems. Some of our picking bins can be supplied with drop down doors for protection, appearance and security of goods.

Nestable Storage Boxes
If you want to make the most of your space and logistics then nesting storage boxes are ideal, especially for bringing back empty boxes on return trips when transporting to-and-from locations. Many vineyards, growers and pickers also use storage boxes that nest as the boxes and containers aren't required all year round therefore saving space when not in use. Retailers and distribution centres also favour nestable boxes for the very same space saving reasons.

Some of our nestable storage boxes can also stack by either rotating the boxes by 180º or with the use of raising integrated bale arms.

Pallet Boxes
Pallet Boxes are extra large boxes, many of which have traditional pallet sized footprints. Most pallet boxes have channels at the base for the easy access of a forklift or pallet truck. Many of our pallet boxes are supplied with either feet or runners (skids). Runners are ideal for storing within racking bays and all pallet boxes can be stacked upon one another and supplied with lids. Foldable pallet boxes are also available, some of which have drop down doors on the sides for the easy access of contents.

Note: Many of our storage boxes are also available in recycled plastic, most of which can be recycled once again in the future.

Remember, if you can't find the storage boxes you're looking for please do not hesitate to contact us for assistance.