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Recycled Plastic ALC Range

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 Recycled plastic attached lid container range

Recycled plastic attached lid (ALC) containers from Plastor are ideal for a variety of uses within industry, retail, manufacturing, production, warehousing and around the home.

They provide safe, efficient storage complete with an attached lid to help protect the contents.

Containers can stack on top of one another when full and nest with lids folded when empty for maximum space efficiency.

Recycled plastic crates are manufactured from recycled polypropylene to a very high standard. They provide the same characteristics as new plastic, with the same operating lifetime.

You can recycle them again after use too!

You will often find recycled plastic attached lid containers in manufacturing plants, warehouses, supermarkets, transport hubs, schools and colleges, factories and anywhere that needs to safely store and move items.

The benefits of recycled plastic crates are many. They are available in a wide range of standard sizes, are light and easy to carry when empty and have convenient carry handles when full.

Crates are also infinitely reusable, come complete with sections for labelling and have folding lids attached with convenient plastic hinges.

As far as plastic crate design goes, these are about as good as it gets!

Recycled plastic attached lid container types come in a variety of sizes and configurations, from 21 litres all the way up to 190 litres. They can be tall, long, standard, wide, with label holders or without.

Plastor also stocks a range of convenient security seals that fit seamlessly into place to protect valuable cargo.

Recycled and recyclable plastic crates

The key benefit of these plastic crates is that they deliver all the benefits of new plastic products while being made from recycled materials.

In the current operating environment, businesses need to do everything they can to lower waste and reduce their environmental impact. If you can do that while not compromising on value, utility and usability, even better!

These recycled plastic attached lid containers are manufactured in the UK from recycled polypropylene. They are made to the same dimensions and tolerances as new plastic containers and will have the same operating lifespan.

Once they reach end of life, the containers can then be recycled for use in other products.

Space efficient recycled plastic attached lid containers

Attached lid containers are incredibly versatile and one of the best selling products here at Plastor.

Not only do they provide reliable, robust storage, they are also very space efficient.

All recycled plastic attached lid containers are manufactured to standard sizes. They will fit standard racks, shelving, pallets and dollies, making storage and transport predictable and simple.

They can also be stacked when full thanks to the innovative design. Stack them up when full, place them in racks or shelving and you have a very efficient way to store stock.

The lids protect the contents and keep them safe from harm. Lids can be secured into place with security tags too if required.

Containers will nest when empty too. Fold the lids back and place one inside another. It’s a fast and very space efficient way to store empty containers until you need them again.

As recycled plastic attached lid containers are made from plastic, they are also easy to clean.

The current range of recycled containers are not (normally) rated as food safe but would be ideal in a wide range of other applications.

Safe, efficient storage

All recycled plastic attached lid containers are designed to store a wide variety of items, large, small, valuable or otherwise. You can store anything but liquids in them, making them very versatile.

They are also safe.

Most recycled plastic crates include carry handles at either end for safe movement. Most crates include strengthening elements to the body to avoid flexing too much and to provide a stable, predictable container to carry.

As each container is a standard size, they can be easily stacked and racked alongside other standard sizes.

They can slot easily into place, maximising efficiency and minimising handling or trying to fit a container into place.

Lowering environmental impact

Plastic is often singled out for being unsustainable and bad for the environment. That’s simply not true.

Single use plastics may be bad for the environment but recycled and recyclable plastic products with long operating lives are just as sustainable as other materials.

If something provides many years of efficient service and can be recycled after use and turned into something else useful, that’s the very meaning of sustainable!

Plastic is a superb material that offers a huge range of benefits. It’s flexible, malleable, strong, reliable and can be moulded into almost any shape or size.

It’s also light, giving you a strong container to carry almost anything you or your business needs.


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