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Robust dollies

Wheeled dollies are manufactured from high strength wood, steel or plastic. Each has been thoroughly tested to ensure they deliver the quality and reliability you look for in your equipment.

Plastor features a selection of steel, new or recycled plastic dollies in UK and EU sizes. They are available in 300 x 400mm, 600 x 400mm and 800 x 600mm sizes to cover popular requirements.

Each comes with four or more caster wheels that have been designed to resist damage and wear and provide predictable movement around tight spaces.

A lot of thought and design has gone into the wheels of each Plastor dolly. Castors have been specifically designed to roll freely, not squeak and provide predictable control without swerving or going off course.

Types of dolly

There are a number of dolly trolley types that can perform a range of functions.

Types of dolly include:

Heavy duty dollies

Heavy duty dollies are our toughest option designed to tackle the heaviest loads of up to 500 kg. If you need to move heavy items around with confidence and minimal effort, you’ll need a heavy duty dolly.

Transport dolly

Transport dollies come with or without handles and are typically made of steel. They are designed to move heavier items, load and unload trucks and move around warehouses, factories and industrial areas.

Plastic dollies

Plastic dollies are typically manufactured from tough polyethylene and are capable of moving up to 300 kg in weight. They have the advantage of being hygienic, easy to clean and are available in multiple colours.

Wooden dolly

A wooden dolly is typically manufactured from plywood with a tough plastic or steel frame to support it. The wooden platform makes it easy to stack multiple items and transport them around the workplace.

Wheeled dollies – A safe investment

Or an investment in safety.

Wheeled dollies make moving goods safe and simple. Load the dolly with pallets, containers or loose items and staff can wheel it around the workplace.

No heavy lifting, no having to carry heavy items and less need for a forklift. If the floor is smooth and there’s a clear run to the destination, it’s a cheap, safe and efficient mode of transport.

Frames are manufactured from tough plastic or steel. Each wheeled dolly is rated for a maximum weight and some come with carry handles to help with movement.

A wheeled dolly will come with 4 or more castor wheels to help carry the load. Some will be static and will roll backwards and forwards to maintain stability.

Some castor wheels will swivel to help manoeuvre load within a space. Some wheeled dolly trucks come with brakes to help control the load without putting pressure on staff.

For workplaces that need to move heavier loads without the room for a forklift, the heavy duty dolly comes into its own.

Rated up to 500KG, they are manufactured from high grade steel and come with robust castor wheels and often brakes to help control heavy loads.

They are the ideal solution for workplaces where a forklift won’t fit to help keep staff safe and goods moving.

Load movers and skates

Load movers and skates from Plastor are capable of handling loads from 35Kg up to 500KG. They help keep staff safe while moving goods efficiently and are a high value piece of equipment.

All wheeled dollies we sell are built tough and designed to fit standard UK and EU pallets and crates.

We make sure all castor wheels run true and run smooth. We know the last thing you need is wheels that want to go in different directions!

Whether you call them load movers, skates, pallet dollies, wheeled dollies or something else, they all do the same job.

Helping keep goods moving efficiently through your workplace while keeping staff safe.

If you don’t see the size or configuration of the dolly you’re looking for, contact one of the Plastor team. We’ll be happy to help!