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Move your plastic containers, boxes, crates and trays with ease with wheeled dollies. A dolly (skate) is the perfect way to transport your goods with minimal effort. Many plastic containers, boxes and trays can be stacked or nested whilst being placed on the dolly meaning less trips too and from locations.

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Dollies, also known as skates, are ideal for transporting your plastic containers, boxes and trays too and from locations with ease. Plastor offers a large range of dollies suitable for the type of plastic containers you are using for your applications.

Plastor's range of plastic container dollies come in different variants to suit your environment, for example some dollies are suitable for food grade applications as they are easy to clean, made from food safe plastic and have castors (wheels) made from washable hygienic materials that minimise the risk of contamination. Some dollies are also available with rubber wheels which reduces sound when manoeuvring around the workplace, but please note rubber wheels do not pass the food safe (food grade) regulations.

Plastor's range of container dollies is available in a large variety of sizes, most of which support euro standard size containers (300x400mm, 600x400mm, 800x600mm) and other sizes which suit other popular sized containers too, such as confectionary tray dollies. Most container dollies have recessed areas which help support your containers when on the move. If you require a certain colour of container dolly then please speak to us as this may be possible with some of our dolly ranges.