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Boxes By Capacity


Plastic storage boxes

Some storage boxes will have lids, some won’t. Some will have carry handles while others will have wheels. Some will be lightweight and easy to store while others will be heavy duty trunks with wheels.

Plastic stackable storage boxes

Plastic stackable storage boxes come in a range of capacities, from 10 litres all the way up to 200 litres +. They will usually nest when empty and stack when full, providing a very space-efficient storage medium.

Small plastic storage boxes are ideal for home and business and can store small items, components and ingredients.

Medium plastic storage boxes can cope with heavier loads or more numerous items and are used extensively around the home, schools and at work.

Large plastic storage boxes are mainly used in business to store and transport items pre- or post-manufacture. They are tough, reliable and safe to handle.

Many plastic stackable storage boxes will have lids, either attached or loose and will provide safe storage and transport for almost anything.

Attached lid boxes will fold over to allow easy access to the contents and fold over to protect them. Loose lid boxes will have removable lids tough enough to be able to stack but light enough to not compromise transport.

Plastic trunks with wheels and heavy duty storage boxes

Plastic trunks with wheels are heavy duty plastic storage boxes and are used extensively in industry. They are built tough and include wheels built into the base so the contents can be pushed around the workplace safely.

Some heavy duty storage trunks with wheels can also nest and stack for even more efficiency.

All plastic storage boxes from Plastor will be standard sizes so will work with most dollies, forklifts, pallets and with each other.

Plastic storage boxes can be made from brand new plastic and be food safe. Others made from recycled plastic will be equally capable but not food safe.

All plastic storage boxes can be fully recycled once they reach the end of a long, productive working life.