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30L Storage Boxes

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30 litre plastic storage boxes

A 30 litre plastic storage box has enough capacity for smaller items but can also be used for ingredients, components, tools and a multitude of items from around the home or workplace.

You’ll often find 30 litre containers in the home storing bedding, clothing, Christmas decorations, decorating materials or in the loft or garage storing anything you can think of.

You’ll also find 30 litre containers in the workplace. Storing items waiting for completion, shipping or dispatch, ingredients ready for assembly, schools for storing learning materials and factories storing ingredients of every kind.

As some of our boxes come with lids, they are ideal for manufacturing, transport and warehousing.

New plastic 30 litre containers will be food safe while recycled 30 litre containers will not be. Both will be suitable for every other type of storage and both can be fully recycled once they reach end of life.

A 30 litre storage box offers substantial storage but should still be light enough to move safely by hand. All containers are standard sizes so should work with dollies and pallets.

Some storage boxes have lids while others do not. All are made tough, using robust plastic construction with reinforcement where necessary and handholds where appropriate.

Lids can be fixed and fold over or removable and clip into place. Most containers can nest when empty or stack when full for efficient storage.

Every 30 litre storage box in our range is manufactured to the highest standards and represents excellent value for money.

If you don’t see the correct size or type of plastic container here, contact one of the Plastor team. We will be happy to help!