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50L Storage Boxes

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50 litre plastic storage boxes

Plastor has carefully selected a range of 50 litre plastic storage boxes that could work perfectly for home or business.

You’ll often find 50 litre storage boxes at home under beds, in the attic, in cupboards or garages. They are ideal for storing winter or summer clothes, spare bedding, Christmas decorations or to bring order to the average family home.

You’ll also find 50 litre plastic storage boxes in business. They are used regularly in workshops, kitchens, bars, food manufacturers, warehouses, transport hubs and anywhere items need to be stored and transported safely.

Boxes can come with attached lids or clip-on lids to keep contents secure. They won’t be airtight, but the lids can help keep contents safe and dry.

Some will have moulded handles for safe transport while others won’t. Others will have vents to keep contents fresh while others will be solid plastic.

Whatever you need your box to do, there will be something in this range that delivers.

Many of our 50 ltr storage boxes are made from new plastic while others are made from high quality recycled plastic. All boxes can be fully recycled once they reach end of life.

All 50 litre storage boxes are manufactured to standard sizes. This means they can stack when full with a lid and nest inside each other when empty. If you have a storage solution that works with this size, they will fit there too.

50 litre storage boxes are some of the most flexible storage mediums you can use. They are also cheap, reliable and flexible enough to be used in a multitude of situations.

If you don’t see the type of 50 litre storage box you’re looking for on this page, contact one of the Plastor team. We will be happy to help!