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Boxes By Size


In this section we have created ranges of our popular storage boxes by their size, for example small, large and extra large.

Our small storage boxes are ideal for storing smaller items, all of which can be carried and transported with ease. Many of our smaller storage boxes can fit inside cupboards and shelving bays for convenient storage and access. The size of our small boxes have a footprint of approx. 400x300mm and under, down to mini sized storage boxes.

Our large storage boxes are our most popular box size and ideal for most applications where storage, distribution and transporting is required. Within this range you will find our ever popular 600x400mm footprint Euro containers (both stacking and nesting) along with our personal and moves crates.

Our extra large storage boxes section includes 1 metre long boxes, 800x600mm footprint containers and huge pallet sized boxes (1200x1000mm footprint). Extra large boxes are ideal for storing and transporting long, heavy and bulk items. Many of our pallet boxes can be supplied with skids/runners on their external bases for racking purposes.

Please note: Size can be subjective as what is small to some may be deemed as large to others. We also offer 1000s of containers and options within our ranges so to avoid overwhelming our customers we have hand picked our most popular containers within our size range categories meaning that other products may be available to suit your needs. Please contact us for help our try our crate finder for more options.