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Extra Large Boxes

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Extra large storage boxes are perfect for bulky and big items of which require safe protection whilst in storage and transit. At Plastor we offer a huge range of extra large plastic storage boxes, including 1 metre long crates, crates with fork entry bases and pallet sized boxes.

Our extra large plastic storage boxes are available in a range of styles some of which can both nest and stack and some which have runners for storage on racking bays. Our largest boxes, known as pallet boxes, are stackable and can be transported with forklift trucks.

We have included our popular 800x600mm footprint containers in this section. 800x600mm is a Euro standard dimension and we offer boxes in these sizes in both Euro stacking container designs as well as your traditional plastic crate design, also known as attached lid containers or tote boxes.

Our extra large storage boxes come in a big variety of sizes too, with capacities reaching up to huge 900 Litres.

Within our extra large boxes range is a collection of wheeled extra large storage boxes, ideal for easy transportation of goods around the workplace.

Size is subjective, so what is extra large to some may be considered small to others so if you can't find what you are looking for then please contact us, try our crate finder or check out our small storage boxes section or our large storage boxes section.