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Large Boxes

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Our large storage boxes are our most popular sized boxes. Boxes within this large storage box section are suitable for individual handling (depending on your load) and offer large capacities of 14 Litres to 80 Litres ideal for the storage of bigger and bulk items.

Storage Boxes within this range are available in wide variety of styles, including nestable boxes, stackable boxes, and boxes which both stack and nest either with the use of attached lids, bale arms or 180º rotation. A variety of colours is also available and some of our storage boxes have vented sides and bases to keep contents fresh, therefore ideal for storage and distribution of food products.

The boxes within our large boxes section are commonly used by the moves and distribution industry, retailers for storage and distribution, by the food industry, as well as manufacturing and engineering sectors.

You may notice the term 'Euro' used often within our storage box terminology. A Euro container is called so due to its footprint dimensions and you will find it used on small boxes (200x150mm, 300x200mm and 400x300mm), large boxes (600x400mm) and our extra large boxes (800x600mm). You may notice that these footprint dimensions double up in size, meaning they can stack upon one another side-by-side to fit uniformly on to either 1200x1000mm (UK) or 1200 x 800mm (Euro) pallets for optimal logistics. The most popular Euro container footprint size is 600x400mm which you will find within this large storage box range.

Size is subjective, so what is large to some may be considered small to others so if you can't find what you are looking for then please contact us, try our crate finder or check out our small storage boxes section or our extra large storage boxes section.