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Plastic pallet boxes

Plastic pallet boxes are designed specifically to be rugged, tough and suitable for prolonged use. You can reasonably expect many years of faithful service from your pallet box whether it’s new or recycled.

You’ll find pallet boxes like these on farms and orchards, factories, workshops, commercial kitchens, supermarkets, warehouses, shipping companies and anywhere that needs to ship heavy, bulky or valuable items safely and securely.

Highlights of plastic pallet boxes include:

  • Tough high density polyethylene construction
  • Can carry or store goods up to 700 kg each
  • Stackable
  • Feet or rails designed for pallet trucks or forklifts
  • Easy to clean to maintain hygiene
  • Can be frozen
  • Available in a range of sizes and colours

Plastic pallet boxes have been designed to be as flexible as possible. The smooth interior won’t damage the contents and is very easy to clean. The plastic construction can be deep frozen without damaging the plastic, ideal for food manufacturing and storage.

The base is reinforced for stability and comes with feet or rails for easy stacking and movement. Those feet are configured to work perfectly with pallet trucks or forklifts for easy movement. You can also have rails instead of feet, which is ideal for storing on pallet racking if you prefer.

They can come with solid or ventilated sides, they can be stacked or stored in racking depending on your needs (skids, also known as runners or rails are needed if storing in pallet racking). They can come with or without lids for extra security (lids available separately).

Solid sides include no holes or vents, ideal for loose ingredients or components.

The boxes can be easily cleaned, stacked, stored and carried, ideal for a wide variety of situations.

Plastic pallet boxes are some of the most flexible storage mediums around. They are built tough, fully recyclable and designed to carry almost anything. They can be stacked, racked, forklifted or transported by pallet truck. All while carrying up to 700 kg each!